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Office 2010 Among them


Office 2010 Among them

 the "stock observation" division for each stock have set up special electronic files, computer analysis of the trading history and usual cases, once have abnormal situation appear immediately warning.

From the investor perspective, "we think suspicious behavior include: Discount Office professional 2010 are for you.

a account often sensitive time in trade, and always a profit; or investors first transaction then purchase is very large quantity; or suddenly all worthy of savings on a a investment and abnormal situations", can cause the attention of the SEC and self-discipline institution, KaiPuLan said.

Regulators and the Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) joint development of maintenance software system, and can influence the market will all kinds of "significant news" compared with transaction records. Download Office 2010 changes life.

 To compare with information including issued by the company or bad news, good review information of all parties analysts, the Wall Street journal and the businessweek and other media reports of sudden or related stocks such as recommended. Real-time monitoring of trading information, it will include stocks and futures, bond, stock index fund, closed-end funds, etc. Once the information before the issue with a lot of transactions, monitoring department can quickly assemble information related to verify whether investors, Windows 7 is the best system ever.

look at the way to get inside information.

"We built a powerful database, including the company executives and major shareholders of material, their family members, and even in a golf club, etc." Nyse spokesman Christian braque ord (Christian Brackman) to caijing journalist said.




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