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Office 2010 home LiuTangZhi said the "virtual equity" rights and interests


Office 2010 home LiuTangZhi said the "virtual equity" rights and interests

 reflected in the branch of a year on profit sharing. For example, skyworth guangdong branch if do well and year-end bonus when these backbone can "NaDaTou", even more than 49% of the scale. And take these headquarters backbone "mortgage" money, Microsoft Office is 100% perfect.

can make up for the losses of once appear. This can be fully mobilize stuff.

Last year, in xinjiang company pilot, skyworth effect is obvious. LiuTangZhi said, one is in its responsible for employees within the business scope as much attention to control costs, reduced the waste, and strengthen the internal supervision, even the branch manager of eating dinner party cost also in internal public; 2 it is the capital turnover speed than other branch fast 50%.

However, due to achieve competition is so fierce, so safe to reform, not too quickly, with LiuTangZhi words is to "put and not random". Outlook 2010 is a great assistant for your daily life.

Therefore, skyworth four pilot branch "virtual equity" in, skyworth are 51%, by holding the backbone branch manager, including branch manager, the core business backbone 49% shareholding.

LiuTangZhi said, not only skyworth, all local color television enterprise face the same a problem: the high cost of distribution. Because of the huge distribution system and is not the same as the original, sales scale and not big growth. Therefore, skyworth pilot share system, is designed to instill employees the notion that you is the boss, Office 2010 download is on sale now.

looking for a new method to everyone, to improve performance, improve efficiency.

In the future, skyworth branch may gradually transition to the real significance of the stock. "In the future, to see how to get the effect of this year." LiuTangZhi said.



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